Staff Member(s) not Receiving Email Notifications regarding Students

If staff members are not receiving automated emails notifying them when conduct incidents and accidents are recorded against students, check the following.

  • First, go to Admin > Config > Email Notifications and check that the staff member is listed against the correct area (e.g. Accident Log).


    The 'Concern' option shown below is a feature no longer in use.

  • If the staff member's name is not in the 'Users to be Notified' box, you will need to enter it here and ensure 'Send Details' is toggled to 'Yes', then click 'Save'.
  • You can remove a name by clicking on the X if that staff member no longer needs to receive the notifications.


The staff member will need to have their school email as the primary email address on their staff profile (in the Personal Details field), otherwise their name is not available to select in the Email Notifications area. 

Go to Admin > Personnel > Staff, enter the member of staff's name and check that their school email is the primary email and is correct with no blank spaces or additional characters.

  • If it is an Accident/First Aid incident email that has not been received, check the entry on the student/staff/guest accident log.

    The 'Send Email Notification' box is set to Yes automatically, but it may have been toggled to 'No' for this particular entry. 


Additional Guidance:

Setup Email Notifications

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