Migrated Data Location Guide: SIMS

This guide will help you locate any data that was migrated into ScholarPack from your previous MIS (SIMS) that you may have difficulties locating.

We will advise on both how to view this on an individual basis within the system and how to run a report to have an overview. 

Student Data 

CTF and Basic Details - This information can be located on a pupil's profile; The search function in the top right of your navigation bar gives you access to 'Pupil Profiles'. Names in your search box will appear alphabetically and you are able to search for a pupil by first or last name, year group, form, phone number or date of birth (the pupil's year/form will display next to their name in brackets). 

Once you have located the pupil's profile, you will find all this data within various tabs located at the top of the profile. For this section you will mainly need to look within the 'Extended' tab, however, there will also be data from this migration section within other tabs.  

Example of pupil profile tabs:


Note: The number of tabs that are visible to you will differ depending on the access role assigned to your user account. 

  • Attendance - This can be located within the 'Attendance' tab on a pupil's profile. 
  • Contacts - This can be located within the 'Main Tab' of a pupil's profile under the 'Contacts' section. To see more information for each contact, please use the arrow to the left side of the contact entry to expand. If you wish to see further details still or make an edit, select the edit cog next to the contact entry. 
  • Exclusions - This can be located within the 'Conduct' tab on a pupil's profile. 
  • Medical Information - This can be located on the 'Main Tab' on a pupil's profile. 


Historic Census

Any Census that was run on your former MIS (management information system) will not migrate to ScholarPack. You are best advised to download and save your census files prior to losing your old MIS. All student Census files created on ScholarPack will be saved though, available at Admin>Census >Past Census Viewer (this does not include the Catholic Census, Independent Census or the Workforce Census).


Staff Data

All the below data can be located on the staff member's profile by going to Admin>Personnel>Staff, then selecting a staff member from the drop down box to view their profile. See below for the exact location within this section. 

Basic Details - These details are located on the left side of the profile; below where their photo can be added and within the edit cog next to their name. 

Contracts - This information can be located under the 'Contracts' section on the right side of the profile. Only a users with the Human Resources role assigned to them can view this section of a staff members profile. 

Checks and Qualifications - This information can be located under the 'Qualifications' section on the right side of the staff profile. 



When migrating to ScholarPack, only Statutory Key Stage data (Standardised Assessments and marks for students in these assessments) is migrated.

It is not possible to migrate, upload or import data from previous or external systems because they have different formats in different applications. You also cannot import using a CTF.


You can view a pupil's individual statutory assessment data by going to the pupil's profile, selecting the 'Assessment' tab, then clicking 'Statutory Assessment' from the left side menu. 

Alternatively, to run reports to view all Statutory Assessment data, go to Reporting > Assessment and use the dark blue Statutory Assessment reports. 



Attendance Marks

To view an individual pupil's attendance marks and notes, go to the pupil's profile and select the 'Attendance' tab. 

To view all previous attendance marks and notes please use the 'Manage Register' function, you can access this by going to Registers>Manage Register.

To view more information on using this, please see our documentation on this HERE



To have an overview of the multiple areas of data that have been migrated, we would recommend running a report to view this.

Reports can be located by going to Reporting > Reports

Number of pupils in each Year/Class and Whole School.


Name, ScholarID, UPN, DOB , Current Age, Gender, Year Group, Form Group, Form Tutor, 

Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity , Languages, Religion, House, Contact Names, Contact Addresses, Contact Phone Numbers and Contact Email Addresses. 


Entry Date, Leaving Date and Leaving Reason


Pupil Address  mceclip7.png
SAON, PAON, Name, Year, Form, Gender, Whole Address, Street, Locality, Town, Postcode, Contact 1 Phone Number and DOB mceclip0.png
Dietary Requirements mceclip3.png
FSM Details, FSM Eligibility, FSM Period Start Date, FSM Period End Date, FSM Review Date and Service Child Indicator mceclip6.png
Parental Consent mceclip3.png
Religion mceclip4.png
Pupil's Mode of Travel mceclip2.png
Contacts: Priority, Title, First Name, Surname, Middle Names, Relationship, Responsibility, Telephone mceclip3.png
Staff Details mceclip4.png
Staff Qualifications mceclip6.png
Staff Contracts mceclip5.png
Sessions Possible, Sessions Authorised Absence and Sessions Unauthorised Absence mceclip5.png
Current and previous academic year attendance mceclip6.png
Pupil Medical Details; Medical Information, Medical Condition and Medical Notes mceclip4.png
Doctor's Name and Medical Practice Details (Name, Address and Phone Number) mceclip1.png
SEN Details, SEN Provision, SEN Needs and SEN Type  mceclip5.png
Disability Indicator mceclip1.png
In Care Indicator mceclip2.png
Exclusions; Category, Reason, Start Date, End Date and Number of Sessions mceclip0.png

Note: If there is not a specific report for the information you are looking for, you may also be able to get this information by looking at the 'Group Updater' located in Admin>Students>Group Updater (support document HERE), or also by creating your own bespoke report by going to Reporting>Custom Report>New Report.

Also, if you have requested to migrate pupil's Dinner Money Balances, this would need to be viewed within one of the meals reports located at Admin>Meals>Student Meal Payments

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