Migrating from RM Integris to ScholarPack Guide


This guide will advise you what is required for the ScholarPack data team to process your data migration when moving from RM Integris to ScholarPack. If you have any questions, first see our FAQ section at the bottom of the page, if you still require assistance, please contact us at onboarding@scholarpack.com 


Step 1

Create an account on RM Integris for ScholarPack with the below roles assigned: 


Note: If you are unsure on how to do this, please contact your system administrator.


Step 2

Go to https://www.lastpass.com and click 'Get Last Pass Free' located at the top right of the window. 



Step 3 

Complete the sign up form for a free personal LastPass account (there is an option to create an enterprise account, however, this is a paid subscription) using your school email address and click 'Sign Up - It's Free!' when you are happy with the information you have provided. 



Step 4

Once you have registered and signed into your LastPass account, a tutorial will show, however, if you are already familiar with LastPass you may skip this. 


Step 5

You should now be able to see your 'Vault'. Hover over the + button on the bottom right of your screen and select 'Add Item', a new window should now appear, please select 'Password'.  





Step 6

Please complete the following fields:

1. URL - This is your school's RM Integris URL/web address. You can find this in the address bar in your browser. 

2. Name - Your school's name. 

3. Username - The username for RM Integris that you created for ScholarPack.

4. Site Password - The password for RM Integris that you created for ScholarPack. 


Once you have completed this, please click 'Save'. 



Step 7

Now you have created this, a new item it will show in your 'Vault', right click the item and click 'Share'. 



Step 8

Enter the email address migrations@scholarpack.com in the 'Recipient Email Addresses' field and ensure to tick the box that states 'Allow Recipient to View Password', then click 'Share'. 



Step 9

Once you are live in ScholarPack, please delete the ScholarPack account you created within RM Integris and also the item you created in LastPass (you can do this by right clicking the item again but this time selecting 'Delete'). 


If you have any queries please contact onboarding@scholarpack.com



Why do you use LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. It uses bank-grade encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely and it includes advanced multi-factor authentication for extra layers of security. As security is very important to us at ScholarPack, we use LastPass to send or recieve credentials instead of emailing to avoid any unauthorised persons accessing the information illegally (email hacking, etc). 




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