My Checkpoints are Locked please help! / How do I remove a Checkpoints Lock


Question - I am getting a message saying that the checkpoints are locked so am unable to enter data please help!

Answer - If you receive this message please go to Admin > Config > Checkpoints Lock.


Here you ought to see a table. If no table is present, click Add New.  If there is a table present please check if a date is present in the checkpoint you are trying to enter data for, if this is in the past please click on Edit and change the date to a future date and Update to save.. 


If you are still receiving this message please go to Admin > Config > Steps Assessment Config


Check that Lock Checkpoints KS1 + KS2 and Lock Checkpoints EYFS state 'No'.  


To change this, you click on Edit, change to No for the Lock Checkpoints and then Update to save.

Note: if you do not have Admin access you may need to speak to an Administrator within your school to remove the locks.

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