Student progress reporting for STEPS assessments

Across Key Stages

You can track progress across key stage this using the Year on Year Report.

Go to Reporting > Assessment > Steps (tab) > Year on Year.

This report shows the student's end of year assessment data for all previous years and the change (progress) they have made at the end of each year and across KS1 and KS2. The report also reflects a summary of progress made for different groups.

From statutory DfE assessments

Although there is no specific report for statutory assessment progress, you can manually compare assessment results by running a report through Reporting > Assessment > Steps tab > Checkpoints Report.

From Baseline to the current Checkpoint

In order to report on student progress in STEPS assessment, go to Reporting > Assessment > Steps (tab) > Progress between 2 Checkpoints.

Enter the year group, subject and the two checkpoints you wish to show progress between. This report will work for Early Years data (prior to 2021) as well as Key Stage students.


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