Search Box

The search box in the top right of your Scholarpack enables you to quickly find students and staff members in Scholarpack and view their profiles.

You can also use keyword searches. This will enable you to quickly access relevant reports, or areas within the system, and is linked to your User Role on ScholarPack.

You will only be able to view Reports and features that you have permission to access.

To find a report or feature on ScholarPack, enter keywords into the student search box, e.g. Free School Meals. 

It is important to use any related terms, in separate searches, to capture all possible reports (e.g. search for Free School Meals and then FSM to see the full range of reports available) - see images below.

mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png

Clicking on the report you wish to view will take you straight to the report. 


This feature works on all areas of ScholarPack, not just reports. For example, a search for Register will guide you to areas within the Register tab as well as the Admin tab, depending on what action you wish to perform on ScholarPack. 




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