Search Box or Bar

The search box in the top right of your ScholarPack enables you to quickly find and jump right to:

  • student names to get to their profile
  • the contact's name and show all students who have the contact's name listed on their profile
  • student date of birth in the format 01/01/2020. Top Tip: Off Roll children will not show, so you'd need to create a Custom Report, include off roll students and filter the date of birth column.
  • staff member names to get to their profile
  • reports and pages in ScholarPack.




This feature works on all areas of ScholarPack, not just reports. For example, a search for Register will guide you to areas within the Register tab as well as the Admin tab, depending on what action you wish to perform. 



I can't find what I'm looking for

Top Tips:

  • You will only be able to view areas that you have permission to access due to your User Role on ScholarPack.
  • Users with the Teaching Assistant or Higher Level Teaching Assistant role cannot see the search bar.
  • Try using related terms in separate searches (e.g. search for Free School Meals and then FSM) to see the full range of reports available.





Search bar is missing

If the search bar is missing, you may have had a recent change to your user roles. If you have been given either the Teaching Assistant or Higher Level Teaching Assistant role then you will not be able to see the search bar.

Contact the staff member with the System Administrator user role (usually the Office Manager or School Business Manager) if you require greater access within ScholarPack.

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