QTS - Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) / Early Career Teacher (ECT) Status

Teachers beginning their career undertake a period of statutory induction known as the Early Career Framework. This is a two-year induction programme, supported by DfE funding. Data about eligible staff will be collected via the School Workforce Census. You can see more details in this documentation from the DfE.

Note: there is some discrepancy within the DfE about the naming of this field. Workforce Census refers to NQTs, but other documentation refers to ECTs. We have chosen NQT to reflect the census documentation.


Recording NQT/ECT Status 

To be recorded in this field as NQT1 or NQT2, a teacher must have QTS (rather than QTLS or EYTS).

NQT/ECT status is recorded on the Staff Profile (via Admin > Personnel > Staff, or enter the staff name in the search box to the top right of ScholarPack).

Click on the edit cog to access the Personal Details area, or click on the cog next to the staff members name on their profile (which also takes you to the Personal Details section). 

Newly Qualified Teacher will be found on the right side under QTS Route.

Information on eligibility should be added for all staff with QTS who are in a teaching role. 

  • Teachers who begin induction as part of the Early Career Framework on or after 1st September 2021 should be recorded as “Yes - first year”
  • Teachers who have previously completed induction should be recorded as “No”
  • Teachers who began a one-year induction period prior to September 2021 should be recorded as “No” 

Information is not required for staff who do not hold QTS or staff who hold QTS but are employed in a non-teaching role.

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Top Tip: All Teachers with QTS flagged as Yes will need to have a value entered for NQT. To set this status in bulk, you can go to Admin > Personnel > Staff Group Updater, and set the Staff Attribute to Newly Qualified Teacher.

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To report on NQT status, go to Reporting > Reports > (Staff tab) > Custom Report.

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