Register > Notes

The Notes module shows a list of the notes that have been entered into the register for a given day. Use the date, time period, form and year pickers to narrow down the search criteria.

To do this we go to the Notes page. This can be found at: 
Register > Notes
Please see the screen below.

Once you click the Notes button, the screen below will be presented.

From the screen above, choose the date from the calendar, the time period and the Year and/or Form. Then the list of students will be presented. 
Please check the screen below:

From the screen above, you can choose to enter a registration code if 'Not registered' is displayed.  Choose the code from the drop-down list and write any notes in the box next to this. There is the option to click the Register ALL Students button to marl all pupils present for the chosen date.

Notes can be viewed and edited for current pupils but this feature is not available for Off-Roll students.

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