Mark all students with 'school closed to all pupils' every Friday PM

You can create a register pattern that will mark the school as closed to all students for just one afternoon session by heading over to Register > Patterns.

Because you need to apply this pattern to all students, you can leave both the Year and Form dropdown menus blank. Simply select whether you want to include past and/or future students (we recommend future students are included), and then click Choose.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 16.23.22.png


A list of all students will load in a grid pattern, along with a large dropdown box for selecting the attendance code you wish to apply, as well as two date range calendars.

From the attendance code selector dropdown, select "School Closed to All Pupils (#)", and then via either typing the dates or selecting them from the calendar interfaces, enter a date range that covers the day your school closure occurs on. Finally, click Check All.

The table of students will then populate all the available sessions with a series of ticks (student will be attending) and crosses (student will not be attending), as the system pulls any existing attendance pattern data for the date range selected.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 16.24.24.png


In order to set all students as not attending on just the Friday PM session, simply untick the box corresponding to "Friday - PM" in the top table. This will automatically mark every selected student as "School Closed to All Students" on their register entries for the Friday PM session (see circled items in image above).

Note that in this area of ScholarPack, changes are saved automatically. You can manually toggle attendance with the selected code on/off by clicking individual tick/cross marks. There is a small amount of input lag, so if toggling a number of items, please do so in a slow and methodical way to ensure all changes are communicated to the server correctly.

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