Parents App - How can I change the visibility of contacts?


When a student contact uses their Linkup Code to set up the Parents App on their mobile phone, their details will default to Normal. This means if both parents are Contact 1, or both have Parental Responsibility set to "Yes", and use the App, they can see each other's name and mobile number, etc. If a student's contact does not wish the other contact to view their information, they can be set to Name Only prior to activating the code.

In Admin > Parents App, click on the Manage Access Tab, select the form group the contact's child is in, locate the contact and click on 'settings' then change the "Visibility to Other App Users" to Name Only






This setting can also be changed on the student's profile, under Contact Information. Click on the cog next to the contact's name, scroll down to "Contact Preferences", and from the dropdown at Visibility to other App Users, select "Name Only". Save at the base of the page.


On the App Config tab in the Parents App area, you can set the default setting to Name Only for all App users if you wish to do so.


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