Parents App - Generate Linkup codes for Parents and other student contacts

If you are new to the Parents App, you can provide Linkup codes in Bulk by going to Admin > Comms
On the left side, under Student Search, select Year Groups, then click "Add all from Year Groups" and Contact 1 for all students which will pull through to the Contacts area.

You have the option to also select Contact 2, or to choose all with Parental Responsibility.

linkup code.png

You can opt to send the Linkup Code by email or letter.

If you choose Email, give the email a subject, write some text in the message and remember to include the 'Recipient App Linkup Code' dynamic field, as this will provide each contact a unique number associated with their mobile number. 

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You may wish to embed the Parents App support page into this email which contains instructions in how to download the app and enter the Linkup code to set up the app on their phone.

To do this, click on the Insert tab, select the "Link" icon, paste the webpage above there, and write text to explain the link. Click Insert to add it to the email message.

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The Linkup Code will only work with the last mobile phone number entered or updated on the student's contact's details.

If you choose to send the Linkup Codes by Letter, follow the same process this time under Letters:

linkup by letter.png


Codes are valid for 60 days. 

If a student contact has had a code in the past and requires a new one, due to it expiring or acquiring a new mobile number, you can generate this at Admin > Parents App.

Click on the "Manage Access" tab - choose the Form or All Forms

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This will bring up a list of student contacts and you are able to Generate a Link-up code here for them.

You can now share that Linkup code with the contact.

In order to avoid issues with the new code, it is advisable to revoke the App first from the contact, update the contact phone number and then generate a new link-up code for the Contact. 

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