Set up Attendance Patterns

You can set future attendance patterns on ScholarPack to add attendance codes in the registers over a period of time.
To do this go to Register > Patterns In this area select the Year and Form for the student(s) you require, and select if you wish to include future students. Then click Choose. 


Next you are required to select the attendance code you wish to apply. It will default to X: Not Required to be in School (for nursery students).

The dropdown menu will contain all the available codes, as per Department for Education guidelines, if you wish to apply an alternative pattern (e.g. dual registered).

You will need to set the dates you wish to apply the pattern for. By default it will be the next day's date, and the end date will be your academic year end date. 


Attendance patterns can only be created for future dates, and patterns have to start on/after a student's entry date.



There will be a table with the students' names and an option to select the students:


You can opt to select an individual student to apply a pattern just for them (in the right hand column), or Check All to apply a pattern to a group of students. 


You may apply the same pattern to all students by using the row above the student table, containing days of the week and AM/PM session.

By clicking on a session (e.g. AM each day in the screen shot below) then all students will have an X applied for that session (Not required to be in school). 


If you wish to apply a different pattern to individual students then you can click on a tick for a session in their row, so that it changes to an X.

All ticks represent a student required to be in school that session.

This area will autosave, so there is no Save button. 


It is advised to perform the assigning of patterns in a slow methodical manner to ensure the pattern saves after each click. If you rush, some records may not save and will show incorrectly in the registers.

Please ensure all ticks have changed before unticking the next session when using the bulk options.

You cannot backdate attendance patterns. 


Once a pattern has been set, it is advised to visit Register > Manage Register.

Select the Year Group and Form you have applied the pattern to (or select the individual from the Single Student dropdown), enter a date range (when the pattern would be set), and click View Register.

Confirm that the pattern has set for all individuals. If a pattern has not set for an individual, return to the patterns area and slowly click on each X twice to reset the pattern.

In the example below, all students are only expected in school each PM session.  mceclip8.png 


You cannot check the pattern for a future student as they do not appear in registers until their entry date. You will need to wait until their start date to confirm the pattern has set.




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