Query 564Q: Please check: primary admission appeals figures should be provided and are expected to be greater than zero.


If your school governance is recorded as  voluntary aided (VA), foundation (FO) or academy (CA) then it is expected that primary admission appeals will be recorded as greater than zero. 

You can check your governance in Admin > Config > Core Setup > School. If you need to amend this information click edit at the top of the table. 

To record primary admission appeals go to Admin > Census > Spring Census 2020 > Admissions (in the Spring 2020 Census Specific data table). This will show in red if no data has been recorded.

Screenshot_2019-12-19_at_10.43.43.jpgEnter the figures for the appeals and click insert to save. If any of the fields are equal to zero you will need to enter this value as 0. 

If the information is correct and there were no infant admissions appeals recorded you can annotate this when you upload your census to collect.

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