Query 1150Q: Class type and class year group different


This query relates to the information entered in the class details area of the census. To check and amend this go to Admin > Census > Spring > Class Details. 

In this area you are looking at the details for classes that show at the top of the page. It is expected that if the class type is listed as nursery then the year group should be listed as E1, E2, N1 or N2. 

To edit this click the little pencil in the actions column at the end of the class you need to edit.

Note. In this example as nursery is composed of multiple years ie -1 and -2, 'mixed years' has been selected. Otherwise, select the appropriate year group from the year group drop down.


Once you have updated the class details ensure to click the little tick in the action to save: (extreme right of the table) Please be careful not to click the bin icon as this will delete the entry. 

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