Report on students working below, at expected, or exceeding

Go to;  Reporting> Assessment > Steps > On Track Reports


You can select from a range of On Track reports e.g. simple or extended, or Special Cohorts.

For basic percentages choose the Standard On Track report and choose your Year Group and Checkpoint. Then click choose. 

Once you click choose you will get 3 boxes for each Subject. Below, Expected and Exceeding, each one will have a percentage and number, which is the count and percentage of students working at each of these. 

Select from the drop down the choices you need for example academic year, year group/form and click Choose. You will be given the percentage of students in that year group who are working at the different levels. This will also provide a summary of students in a table below. Example of how this will show is below: 


You can find out which students are working at each level in each subject by clicking on the percentage figure. 

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