Is there a School Phonics report?


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There is a  school phonics report, which is a way of reporting on each student's phonics results in the school. 


The first stage is to set the filters that are required. The filters in the report ensure that you can filter for the data you wish to include in the final report. You can make selections from an area of interest, for example, year the phonics results were taken, year group, form etc.  You can also include off-rolled students to be included in the report.


Once you selected all your filters, your choices are recorded and you can proceed to click the 'Choose' button to run the report. A report will then be available, with a table showing each student's phonics results (outcome and mark) alongside the year group of outcome, year of result, and  their current year group. There are bin icons at the top of the column headings with you can click to remove columns, should you wish to do so.

Just to note, you can change your selections at any time, i.e. after running the report, by clicking the 'Filters' button so the filters appear. You can click into them to change the selections you have made and click the 'choose' button to update the report.

To export the report, you click the second yellow icon at the top right of the page. You have an option to choose to export the report in the following file formats: Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf) and Excel (.xls). 


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