Student Profile - Comms Log

The Comms Log tab in student profiles shows you any emails and texts that have been sent from Scholarpack to this students contacts.

Student Profile > Comms Log (Tab)


Staff will need to have the 'Comms' user role in addition to that of their existing role(s).


If you need to search for a particular communication you can filter the columns by typing into the white filter box under the column headers.

For example; if you wanted to only view emails you can type 'email' under the category column - 


Communications sent via the Comms module will automatically be added into this area. However if you want to add in extra communication such as Home Visit or Phone Call Made, you can


Click on Add New then use the dropdown arrows to select a Category and enter content.

For Contact and Contacted Via - if you use the dropdown arrow on the right hand side, you can select from a list of student contacts recorded in their profile, which will pull through their details to the left hand side and turn it grey.

You can amend the date and time by clicking the clock icon or the calendar icon.

Once you click Save you will see the item in the Comms Log table.



If when you try to save a new entry to the Comms Log you get a generic error screen, it's possible that you're entering a time with only three digits.

Make sure you enter it in the format HH:MM, so 08:30 for half past 8 in the morning.

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