Duplicate Staff Profile

This sometimes occurs if you have a temporary problem with your internet connection, or you click multiple times when saving the new profile due to a screen delay.

If you have created a ScholarPack login for one of the accounts, identify which one this is by going to Reporting > Reports > Staff > ScholarPack Users, as you may wish to keep this profile.

Identify which profile you wish to keep and which you want to delete.  There is a Staff ID against every profile (Scholar ID) - 


Enter the staff name in the search box, or go to Admin > Personnel > Staff to go to each profile, check the Staff ID is not the one you wish to retain.


In the staff profile click on the cog next to their name (above where their photo goes)

At the bottom change the 'Active' field from Yes to "No" then press Save


You will be taken back to the staff members profile where you need to click the same cog again.

Now you should see a red delete button


You will get a red notification box pop up asking you to tick two boxes to confirm you want to delete the staff member as it cannot be undone and also that you confirm the staff data is not needed for workforce census.  

*right click on image and select 'open image in new tab' to enlarge


You will also need to complete a simple sum as another validation.  Once you've done this sum you will see a red button to permanently delete the staff member.

*right click on image and select 'open image in new tab' to enlarge


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