I've managed to duplicate a new staff profile numerous times, how do I delete them?


This sometimes occurs if you have a temporary problem with your internet connection, or you click multiple times when saving the new profile due to a screen delay. If you have created a ScholarPack login for one of the accounts, identify which one this is by going to Reporting > Reports > Staff > ScholarPack Users, as you may wish to keep this profile. There is a Staff ID against every profile. Enter the staff name in the search box, or go to Admin > Personnel > Staff to go to each profile, check the Staff ID is not one you wish to retain, click on the cog next to the staff member's name to bring up Personal Details, then at the bottom click on Active to make it No.




At this point you get the option to Delete that member of staff. This will remove the profile completely as you will not need to access any of this data in the future. Do this for each profile until you are just left with the Staff ID you wish to retain.

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