Individual Education Plan (IEP) Template


Admin > Config > IEP Template

The Individual Education Plan template allows you to customise and save a template for use within the school. This can then be used on the student profile's Support tab to record and save an IEP against a student. Click on the cog and then Edit on the right hand side of the screen (You may need to scroll down to the middle of the page).

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Screen_Shot_2017-05-10_at_14.03.53.pngYou can either use the current ScholarPack template or cut and paste your existing format into the template. Across the top of the template is the toolbar where you can adjust the font type, font size and use simple formatting features like underline and bold.

Remember to click Update to save any changes or Delete to remove the template.
Note: You can only use one IEP plan for all students. 


You will be able see the plan under the Support Tab of the Student Profile. Click the cog button next to the Individual Educational Plans section.

(Please note that you will have to delete the other templates before the new one will appear in the Student Profile).

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