Query 1260Q: Nursery class with pupils / adult ratio greater than expected

This query relates to the information entered in the class details area of the census. To check and amend this go to Admin > Census > Spring > Class Details.

In this area you are looking at the details for classes that show at the top of the page.

It is expected that the ratio is:

The number of pupils in class plus guest pupils should be less than or equal to 13 times the number of teachers plus the number of support staff. 

If we look at the following example:


We can see the number of pupils in class is 25 and we have no guest pupils.

The number of teachers and support staff is 2. 

So 13 times the teachers and staff is 26 which is greater than our pupils in class plus guest pupils therefore our class is within the expected ratio. 

To edit this click the little pencil in the actions column at the end of the class you need to edit (as shown on previous example).

Once you have updated the class details ensure to click the little tick in the action to save:


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