Edit staff details quickly

The staff Admin > Personnel > Quick Edits page allows you to change any staff information in relation to the following areas without needing to got through the staff profile.  

To be able to get to this menu item, you’ll need to have the Senior Management Team, Human Resources, or Admin role. If you don’t have this, you’ll need to ask your team to give you access by following these instructions: How do I add a user role to a staff member?


The areas that can be manage are:

  • Personal
  • Address
  • Contracts
  • Qualifications
  • Contacts
  • Medical
  • On Census

All the staff are listed with their preferred name shown. They are split according to their staff role recorded on their contract and for members of staff with 2 contacts and 2 different roles, they will appear in both areas.  

If you click on the staff members name it will take you to their profile where you can manage all the usual data fields. To return to Quick Edits, select the back link in the top left hand of the screen.

To edit and update one of the areas:

  1. click on the word and it will open the area of the software responsible for that data.
  2. update the information
  3. select update and you will be taken back to the Quick edits area.
  4. If you leave the Quick Edits area without clicking Update, then the staff table will open at the point at which you were last working.  

The 'On Census' column is a either a tick to indicate that the member of staff will be included on the Workforce Census or a cross to show that they will be excluded. To change the statement, click on the symbol.

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