Student Profile - Assessment Tab

This is where you can view a graph and summary of student's summative assessment data for the current Checkpoint (if the STEPS assessment module on ScholarPack is used), as well as any statutory assessment results for that individual (click on Statutory Assess. under Other to view this). 

Student Profile > Assessment (Tab)


A graph on the right will display the students performance.

Under the header Subjects you will see a table listing any subjects with marks under Assessments, as well as an option to look at All Years, All Data and All Subjects.

Statutory Assessment data and Simple Assessment data can be found under 'Other' - 


After selecting an assessment or subject, you can download and print the information by clicking on the icons to the top right of the screen.

If your school uses the Simple Assessments module, via My Subjects > Simple Assessment Markbook,

You can view an individual student's marks by clicking on Simple Assessments (under the Other header). Here will be displayed all the student's assessment marks for any assessment types you have set up on your system, including their statutory data.

You can choose the particular academic year for the results, as well as display the results as Bands, Marks or Values. 

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