Record Student Accidents and First Aid

The accidents and first aid module allows schools to record details for these type of incidents, rather than using a paper accident book. Schools can record accident or first aid details for students, staff and guests.
Staff will require the Admin, Student Admin or Teacher user role to enter First Aid incidents for students, and to have the Admin user role to enter incidents for staff or guests (click HERE for the full range of staff user roles). 


Accidents for students 

Student accidents are logged on the  Student's profile, Ancillary tab.

ancillary tab.png

  • Click the cog on the navigation bar to add a new accident.
  • Click the cog in the edit column to amend the accident.
  • Click the cross to delete an accident logged by mistake.

When adding a new accident, you will be presented with the following options:


  • Log the date, time and time out (e.g. minutes missed out of school, if applicable).
  • Log the nature of the complaint e.g. hit head on wall.
  • Log who dealt with it, pre-populated with your teacher list.
  • Log the outcome - e.g. what happened afterwards.
  • Log the follow up, if applicable e.g. discussed slippery floor with caretaker.
  • Log the zone, e.g. where it happened (these can be configured, being the same zones as used for 'Incidents' in Admin>Сonfig>Incidents).
  • Log if the student was sent home, or not.

The entry will default to 'Send Internal Email Notification' as Yes.  NOTE: This applies to notifying members of school staff, and not the student's parents.   

The email notification will only be sent if a staff member has a primary email address on their Personal Details field, and has their name entered in Admin > Config > Email Notifications against Accident Log (with Send Details set to Yes, and Saved here).

email notification for accident.png


If you wish to enter extended information about this Accident/First Aid entry, you can click Toggle Details at the top left of the accidents screen.

Here you can elaborate on the details of the injury as well as enter witness information at the bottom of the screen.

Click Save to record the accident.

extra accident details.png


Staff and guest accidents

The process for logging staff and guest accidents is exactly the same. Staff accidents are recorded in  the Staff Profile > Extra Details > Accidents and First Aid:


Reporting on Student Accidents / First Aid 

You can report on the students' accidents/first aid in the Reporting > Reports > Support area.

In the report you can see all accidents logged between two date ranges, and you can filter by year groups or other attributes, e.g. all accidents involving FSM children.  To find a single student's entry, enter their name in the filter box.

accident report.png


Clicking on 'more details' will present a printable version of the accident for use internally or to give to parents (see below). Export this using the yellow buttons in the top right.

accident more details.png

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