Query 1620Q: Duplicate pupil records with the same surname, forename, sex and date of birth

This query indicates that a student has two profiles, most likely one off roll and one on roll. Make a note of the student's name then go to Admin > Students > Search Not On Roll to search for a profile.


This student may be been entered as a duplicate record at the same time as the on roll profile, and off rolled instead of deleting, so check the leaving date on the Extended Tab, then look at Attendance Date Range report on the Attendance Tab for dates prior to leaving.

If there is no attendance data you can delete this student at the base of their Extended Tab (ScholarPack will not allow you to delete a student who has any attendance data to avoid accidentally deleting a student profile you need to keep).

Most likely though, there will be attendance data, so you will need to reinstate this student and transfer all information from the newer profile and add it to this profile (including altering the entry date on the reinstated profile).

The profiles will have unique Student ID numbers to tell them apart.

Once the information has been transferred, the newer profile will need to be deleted. 

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