Recording An Unexpected School Closure

When a school has to unexpectedly close (e.g. due to weather conditions or school maintenance issues) you will need to close the school registers for all students.

School Registers
In order to do this, go to Register > Manage Register:


Above the View Register button, you will see the Quick Dates section. Click 'Today Only' or enter the date range for the period you would like to record.


If it is a part day closure, select the appropriate AM or PM field on the left side as it will default to 'Both' (all day). 

Click View Register to retrieve all students on roll and make sure all students are selected with ticks on the right hand side of the table.


At the base of the student table, select the code you wish to apply to all students from the drop-down menu.  If any students have an existing code in place, you may choose to tick the box 'overwrite' to ensure all students have the same code for school closure. Then click Fill Spaces


In order to select the most appropriate code, you can access the full range of Department for Education attendance codes at the top left of the screen. 


Removing meals due to school closure

If you use the Meals module, please go to Admin > Meals > Register Daily Meals

Select the date, and now you can remove any meal that's assigned to a student on that date by clicking the box next to Remove meals from [chosen] codes:


This will then highlight all students with that attendance code and select them to have their meal removed. 

At the base of the student table it will notify you of the number of meals selected, with a Submit button which will remove the meals and associated costs. 


Cancelling a clubs session due to school closure

If you use the Clubs module, and a club session was timetabled to run on that day, go to Admin > Config > Clubs (or Workspace > Clubs


Check the date on This Week's Clubs tab, click on a club due to run, then Cancel Session.


You will be given the option to record why the session was cancelled for your records. No students will be charged for non attendance (if costings apply) if a session is cancelled.  You will need to click again on Cancel Session to save any notes entered, even if you opt to leave the notes field blank.


Sending a Comms message to all student contacts

If you use the Comms module, in Admin > Comms you can Add all from Year Groups to the contacts list, prior to sending a comms message. 


You may also wish to notify contacts for students in a particular club session that was cancelled, as all active clubs are available in Comms in order to message their members. 



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