Query 1767Q: Due to FSM protection FSM periods are not expected to have an end date. Please provide a reason


If a student's FSM period has ended it is necessary when uploading the Census to Collect to annotate the reason the student is no longer eligible.  If the FSM period did end during this time you will be unable to remove this query from ScholarPack but will need to annotate this on Collect.

If the student does still have an ongoing FSM period please check their FSM start and end dates by going to the student profile, to the extended tab and click onto Manage next to "Is Student eligible for free meals?".  If the FSM period is ongoing, you are not expected to enter an end date. 

If you do notice in this area that the period has been ended and restarted, however the student has always been eligible for free school meals note down the earliest start date of the ongoing period and click edit and delete the current period.  Then repeat this for any periods that fall after the start date noted down. Once this is done re-add a brand new period with the start date for the ongoing period and no end date.  

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