Query 1890Q, 1900Q, 1910Q: Percentage of new additions seems high

This query will arise if the number of students with entry dates in the Autumn or Spring or Summer Term divided by the total number of students on roll on Census Date, is greater than 40% or 30% or 25%. Please go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Admissions and Leavers Report

Enter the dates for your term, and ensure you have selected Arrivals. If you had any students who both joined and left the school within this term, you will also need to select Former students.

Once you have noted the number of new starters in that term, you can cross reference with the On Roll by Date report (at Reporting > Reports > Students tab), to see how many are on roll on Census Date. Then calculate your figures to work out the percentage of new students.

If the percentage of new students is correct, then you will need to annotate this query on Collect when you upload your census file. 

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