Teacher Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide will support teaching staff with using ScholarPack for the first time. 

There is also a Teacher Quick Start Video, you can watch this below:



1. Creating a Desktop Shortcut
2. Changing Your Password
3. Logging Out
4. Taking Your Register
5. Useful Information


You should receive a login slip with your unique link, username and password. Enter the link into your Internet browser (we recommend using Google Chrome if possible) to get started. 

As ScholarPack is a cloud based platform, you can access it wherever you have an Internet connection.  


1. Creating a Desktop Shortcut

We recommend you create a shortcut for your desktop to allow you to access ScholarPack easier. To do this (in Google Chrome); While ScholarPack is open in your browser, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the window, select 'More tools' and click 'Create shortcut'.  


2. Changing Your Password

Once you are signed into ScholarPack for the first time, the first thing you will need to do is change your password from the randomly generated one you have been provided.

For security, we also advise you change your password every 90 days, never save your password to your browser/device auto-fill and also never share your password with other members of staff. 


To change your password: Select Home > My Account, enter your new password and click Save

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 16.24.48.png


3. Logging Out

Please remember to always log out once you have finished working to ensure all data is kept safe. To sign out go to Home>Logout


4. Taking Your Register

To save you time, ScholarPack will take you straight to the register page when you first sign in each morning!


To access your register from the Dashboard go to Home>Register

Registration groups are referred to as 'Forms' in ScholarPack. You can take the register for any Form by selecting one from the drop down list and clicking 'View'. 


Below is the default view of a register, however, please note that your register may look slightly different to this due to how your school has requested this to be set up. 


To complete your register select whether the child is present, absent or late and if required you can also enter an attendance note.

Once you have completed this for all pupils, click Submit Register at the bottom of the page. After clicking 'Submit Register' you will be presented with the summary screen showing all pupils who were marked as present (see below), only once this shows is your register submitted.

Once your register is submitted the register can now only be edited by the school's admin staff.  


5. Useful Information

Pupil Profiles - To access a Pupil Profile, please go to the search bar located in the top right of your ScholarPack portal. 


Help Centre - To access documentation and support resources for further information, to assist you with using ScholarPack and any queries, please go to the 'Help Centre' located in the top right of your ScholarPack portal. 


Home Icon - Use the 'Home' icon on your navigation bar to access your register, change your password, log out or change the colour of your navigation bar. 


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