Teachers2Parents: Null values in contact permissions affecting the API

If Teachers2Parents have told you which student contacts are causing the issue then you should be able to fix them yourself.

Go to the students profile and click the cog next to the contact's name.

Ensure a value has been given for Parental Responsibility as Teacher2Parents looks for this.


It is also advisable to enter a value for Permission to take home as well.

Once you've updated this click Save.

If they are empty they should glow orange.


If you do not know which students are causing the issue you can run a report to identify the students by going to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > All Contacts by Student

Scroll to the right and you will see columns for Responsibility and Permission to take home.

You can use the white boxes under the column headers to filter the report down by typing key words into them and pressing enter on your keyboard.

E.g. Yes/No or if you only wanted to view certain year group type the year under the Year group column.

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