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This report was created to report on attendance for specific cohorts for the Department for Education (DfE) Educational Settings Status (EdSet) Form, during the Corona Virus outbreak Academic Year 2020. 


The report will default to today's date and show you the number of students attending school overall, and in specific categories (e.g. vulnerable children and critical worker children and those eligible for Free School Meals).

It will also display the number of students with the following attendance codes:

  • I01 (illness not Covid)
  • I02 (Confirmed case of COVID-19)
  • X01 (non compulsory school age)
  • X02 (self isolating with Covid symptoms)
  • X03 (Self-isolating, contact inside school)
  • X04 (Self-isolating, contact outside school)
  • X05 (Quarantine)
  • X06 (Shielding)
  • X07 (Government Restrictions/Local Lockdown). 


The DfE defined a set of sub codes for schools to record non-attendance related to coronavirus (COVID-19).

For the full range of ScholarPack Registration Codes see: List of Register Attendance Codes



This report can be filtered by Year Group or Dynamic Group (e.g. Bubble) from the Group dropdown, or All students (default setting) to show attendance figures for the whole school.

If you require the former Covid codes from 2019 academic year, you can click the box to 'show historic attendance subcategories'.

Note: to obtain student names who fall into each category, click on a figure in a cell and the names for the students are displayed for you to export for your records.

For example, clicking on the number 5 in the cell for "X04: self isolating, contact outside school" will display the students affected by that code on a particular day


results in the following table of names to appear:


or the names of students who are attending overall on a specific day:




The list of sub-codes is updated to say that code Y can be used for non-attendance due to exceptional staff absences or unavailability of transport due to COVID-19. 

The report will also display the number of students currently in receipt of School-Led Tutoring, with the total number of hours.

This figure will only be for the current date, not for the date the report may be chosen to run for.

These figures do not expand to display the student names; you will need to go to the blue School-Led Tutoring Report to find that information. 











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