Query 4007Q: Please check: no pupils on roll are in receipt of School Led Tutoring

This query will be generated when there are students on roll in academic years 1-11 but none are recorded as receiving School Led Tutoring. 

If you go to Admin > Students > Group Updater and search with the Student Attribute 'School Led Tutoring', you will see if any students have this assigned to them. 

If this is correct, that no students are in receipt of the tutoring, then annotate when uploading your Census File on Collect to this effect.

If any students are receiving School Led Tutoring then this can be recorded via Group Updater or on their profile's Extended Tab, alongside the number of hours they have received to date. 

Be careful when updating School Led Tutoring hours, even if you set students to 0 hours, the system will mark them as being in receipt of School Led Tutoring which will cause Error 4012.

For guidance on this, please refer to this article: How to record School Led Tutoring

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