Query 4095Q: Please note that this return contains no absence records. Please ensure that this is correct and that absence data is being supplied to the Department by another source


Query 4095Q arises when the Workforce Census calculation for your school does not contain any staff absence data. If your staff absence information is held on another system, and is supplied to the DfE by another source, you are not required to take any action. If you need to update your records, on the front page of your Workforce Census area, click on the Staff Absence Report link in the Absences section.


This takes you to the Staff Absence Report so you can view staff absences recorded on ScholarPack, and note omissions. Staff Absence can be input on the Staff profile, under Absences. Click on the Cog next to Absences in order to input details for the staff absence. 



Once all staff absences have been entered on ScholarPack you can return to recalculate the Workforce Census.

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