Query 4470Q: Qualified Teacher Status inconsistent with Pay Range type


Query 4470Q arises when a staff member on Pay Range 'Teacher's Main', 'Teacher Upper', 'Leadership', or 'Leading Practitioner' does not have a qualified teacher status on their profile. Click on the Query to take you to the staff member's profile. Click on the cog next to their contract to see the Pay Range selected. Check this is accurate, or amend and click Update to save the information.


If the Pay Scale is correct, on the staff profile click on the cog next to their name to bring up the Personal Details page.


To the right hand side of this page, you will find the QTS area which needs data inputting to show their qualified teacher status and their QTS Route. Enter the information and then click Submit to save the data. Then you will need to recalculate the Workforce Census. 

Please note Unqualified Teachers will show as ‘Queries’ in your Census return if they have their QTS Status set to ‘No’, you can add a note for this when uploading to COLLECT.
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