Adding Referrals

Positive or negative referrals can be added to students two ways -


1. Via the student profile > Conduct tab

Select either Positive Referrals or Referrals (negative).

Click on 'Add' to add a new referral


2. Via Classes

You can also add positive or negative referrals via the Classes module if your school uses this for teacher assessments.

Go to My Subjects > Select the specific Class > Select either 'Referrals' or 'Positive Referrals'


This allows you to write positive or negative comments about your students. All comments are recorded and then displayed on the schools Live Feed on the Dashboard.



To give a student a referral, click on the Add New button; then select a student from the drop down box.

You will see a comment box called 'Reason' as a header - write your message in here and click save.

A record and account of all referrals will be displayed on this module when you first access this area. Click the more info section to see more information.



What's next?

You can see how to report on these referrals here: Referrals Report or Positive Referrals Report

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