Query 4722Q: Post appears to be inconsistent with Role Identifier

This query will arise when the Post on the contract may be inconsistent with the Role identifier as required by the Workforce Census. 

This query will show where the post is;

  • LNT (Leadership Non-Teacher)
  • OSP (Other Support Staff)
  • TAS (Teaching Assistant)

And the role identifier is;

  • CADV (Careers Advisor)
  • HDPT (Head Teacher)
  • HDHO (Head of House)
  • HDYR (Head of Year)
  • INST (Instructor including sports coach)

If this is correct for the member of staff when you upload your census return you can annotate the reasons why this is correct, however if this is not correct please go to Admin > Personnel > Staff - find the member of staff.  In this area click onto the black cog next to the contract and amend the post or role and update at the bottom. 


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