Reporting on Phonics Tracker data (entered via STEPS)

Whole School Phonics Tracking Matrix

The report will generate a report that shows the whole school by year group with the students phase positions throughout the academic year (historical data will show as well). 

The report will reflect what phase they achieved at each term in the year.

To access this report please go to Reporting > Assessments > Early Years > Phonics Tracker

Baseline: Within the first 2 weeks in September.
Autumn 1: Between 15 September -31 October.
Autumn 2: Between 01 November - 31 December.
Spring 1: 01 January-28 February.
Spring 2: 01 March - 30 April.
Summer 1: 01 May - 15 June.
Summer 2: 16 June - 31 July.

To see an individual students progress, click on their name and all the other names will be hidden. To reshow, click again on the name. 

Please note this is not where you record your Statutory Phonics Results, this is done through the Statutory Assessment module.

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