Query 5240Q: Please Check: the number of hours at setting indicates that the pupil may be attending the school full time. However, they have been recorded as part-time.


This Query concerns the number of hours at setting applied to a student, against their part-time status entered on the extended tab. A student is considered full time where they are in education for 10 sessions per week. A student who attends for nine, or fewer, sessions is part-time.

Click on Fix Error, this will take you to the student profile. On the Extended Tab, under School Information, check whether the student is marked as Part Time, as well as the Hours at Setting. In the example below, the student needs to be set as not Part Time, as they have 30 hours at setting (and attend 10 sessions a week), which makes them full time. Make the amendment, then save at the base of the extended tab.




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