Reporting on student birthdays, date of birth and exact age

There are various reports you can use in order to obtain student ages and their birth dates.

To report on student birthdays

Go to Reporting > Reports > Students (Tab) > Birthdays report.


Please refer to - Student Birthdays Report

Enter a date range, and this report will display all students with a birthday in that given period, as well as the age they will be on their birthday.

If you want to check which students are going to be a certain age ( e.g. 5 years old), enter that figure in the New Age column and press return. This filters the report to display only those who will be 5 years in the period of time selected. 


To report on student ages in years and months

Go to Reporting > Reports > students (tab) > Date of Birth.



This report allows you to view all the students within a year or form with a date of birth between a selected date range.  It will display the student's current age in years together with address details, their contact 1 telephone number and their birthday plus their year and form.



How do I filter this report?

You are able to filter by group and form and have the option to show current, former and future  students. 

  • Group (this includes year groups, key stages, dynamic and static groups and any set intervention groups) 
  • Forms choose from pastoral groups
  • There is the option to include or exclude current, former and future students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll)
  • select your 'born between' range (this will only students with a birth date within your chosen date range)

Simply click on the column header to order the data or select the bin icon to remove the column.

To filter this data further each column header will have a white text entry field where you can produce data only relating to that value, for example if you type 2 in the text box under the Year column, only Year 2 pupils will be displayed.

How do I export this data?

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document by clicking on the yellow download arrow on the top right of the screen.


You can choose to display the report as either landscape or portrait.

Additional information

Please note: Clicking on the student's surname will take you to their individual profile page. Names which are highlighted in red represent the students who are no longer on roll.  

The star on the report icon identifies a 'favourite' report.  If starred this will appear in your favourites area.

Including student UPNs in a birth date or age report

Go to Reporting > Custom Report 


Select New Report. Then, on the right side, Dates tab, select Age in Years and Exact Age, then run the report. 


You will automatically get student UPN, Name, Form, Year as well as columns for the Date of Birth, Exact Age and Age in Years.



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