Resetting Parent App Access


At the start of the academic year you may have experienced parents stating they have been logged off the Parents App. We have made some improvements to minimise the chance of this happening, however if there are still parents who report they have been logged out this is what you need to do. 


  • If a parent has been logged out of the app please revoke their old link up code and issue a new one
  • To revoke a link up code please go to Admin > Parents App > Manage Access > Choose year and parent and click ‘Revoke’


  • To send out a link up code please go to Admin > Comms > Contact list, choose the parents who you want to send a code to > Emails or letters > write communication and use the ‘Recipient App Link Up Code’ dynamic field > send or print.  



Following these steps will allow the parents to be successfully logged back into the app. It is also important to remind your parents to keep the Parents App up to date with the latest version from the app store.

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