ScholarPack SaaS Terms & Conditions

Click the link below to download the SaaS (Software as a Service) terms and conditions document as a PDF.

Latest updates (Jan 2022): 

  • We’ve added some clauses to clarify how we work with API integrators

  • We have changed some of our term and termination conditions so that ScholarPack can suspend access for a suspected client or user breach to keep your data as safe as possible

  • We have changed our primary method of training delivery from onsite to online sessions, as well as introducing a new 12 month expiry on all additional training purchases

  • We’ve simplified our renewal terms - after the initial contract term, you will only ever be rolled into a 12 month contract at our prevailing rates

  • We’ve changed the scope of our data processing. Along with our sister company, Arbor Education, we would like to provide aggregated and anonymised analytics to: 
    • Provide you with benchmarking data on attendance so you can see how your staff and students compare to local, similar and national averages
    • Provide you with real-time benchmarking across school performance measures in the absence of ASP data
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