Query 6550Q: At least one staff record in this school's return should show a role of SENCo (SEN Co-ordinator) under a current contract. Where SENCo is missing please add it to the appropriate staff record.



This would indicate that no member of staff has a role of SENCo on the system.  If, for example, your Headteacher/Deputy Head/Assistant Head is the SENCo, but they carry out these duties via their Headteacher/Deputy Head/Assistant Head contract, you can annotate this when uploading your census. 

If a member of staff has a specific contract for the SENCo roles this should be added on the staff profile.  

To do this please go to Admin > Personnel > Staff - find the member of staff required.  Click onto the grey cog next to contract info and add a new contract with SENCo as the role. 



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