What do I do if I have off-rolled a student by accident?

If you have off-rolled a student by accident, you can reinstate their profile by going into Admin > Students > Search not on Roll. 


Please search the individual student in the student drop down list and then select the 'Choose' button in this area.



You will see the student's main details in a table. Underneath the 'Actions' column, there are three action buttons and you click the 'Reinstate' button to reinstate the student. 




When you click this button, you will be taken to the student's profile page. 


You will now need to go into the Extended tab to amend the student's entry date under the core information area. The current entry date will be the date the student was off-rolled. You will need to backdate the entry date to when the student actually started school.



If you can't remember the student's actual entry date, please go into the ancillary tab and look a the 'School History' section - this will contain the details of the schools the student previously attended. Please copy the entry date from your school - this will be the first school in the table, which represents the most recent school they went to. 


Then, please insert the actual entry date in the extended tab and click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.


Afterwards, ensure that you delete your school from the School History section in the Ancillary tab by clicking the cog next to History and clicking the 'Delete' button next to it.


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