What file types can I upload to ScholarPack or send via Comms?

When uploading files to the student profile or secure uploads area the following file types are supported:

“bmp”, “csv”, “doc”, “docx”, “gif”, “jpeg”, “jpg”, “odt”, “pdf”, “png”, “rptdef”, “text”, “txt”, “xls”, “xlsm”, “xlsx”, “xml”, “zip”

If you are trying to upload a file type not listed here you will need to convert the file to one of the support file types.

Note: It is not possible to upload Audio or Video files, or send them as email attachments via Comms. There is a 10mb limit on email attachments. It is advised to upload a video to a cloud service, e.g. YouTube or Google Drive, and insert a link to this in the email.

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