What Happens When I Move to ScholarPack?

This article will advise you on what you can expect during your onboarding process when moving to ScholarPack. 

After you have spoken with your sales agent and agreed that you would like ScholarPack to be your new MIS, you will be sent a contract to sign and return. Once this has been completed you will begin your onboarding process... 


Step 1 - Migration 

You will receive an email welcoming you to ScholarPack and requesting you to please select a date that you would like to migrate your school's data from your current MIS to ScholarPack. Once this has been booked, you will receive a confirmation email along with the Migration Agreement for you to sign and return. For any additional information on what happens during the migration process, please see our guides HERE. 


Step 2 - Training

Once you have booked your migration, you will also receive an email requesting you to book in your training sessions - our training sessions are split into 2; 'Basic Admin Training' and 'HR and Configuration Training'. These sessions are 3 hours long each, we have provided a large selection of dates and times to choose from to ensure that you can pick the session best for your school. 

For more information on what is included in these session, please see our guide HERE. 


Step 3 - Go Live

Once your migration has completed on the date you have selected, our onboarding team will create your primary user log in credentials and upload the staff credentials file to your ScholarPack 'Secure Upload' section. Within 48 working hours, you will receive an email from us to welcome you to ScholarPack, and to provide you with links to some helpful guides/set up information, your primary user username, your school's ScholarPack portal URL and will advise you will be receiving a call shortly with your password.

Once you have received this call, you will then need to follow our step by step guide to assist you with completing your set up. This guide can be found HERE. 



  • What if I have any issues or questions during my migration period? 

You can contact our onboarding team for support by emailing onboarding@scholarpack.com 

  • When should I book my training for? 

We recommend that your training is scheduled for just before your migration date that way you are ready to start using the system straight away.

  • I haven't received my primary contact credentials, what should I do?

Your primary contact should receive an email from ScholarPack within 48 working hours after your migration is complete. If it has been past this time, please contact us at onboarding@scholarpack.com

  • How do I train my Teachers and other members of staff that were not on the training sessions?

We have provided a number of training guides/documents and training videos to assist with this, you can find these within the 'Training and Onboarding' section of the Help Centre and on our YouTube channel



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