Secure Upload


Sensitive and confidential documents can be uploaded onto ScholarPack in the Secure Upload area. This is found at Admin > Secure Upload.


Any files uploaded here can then be seen by the Support Staff at ScholarPack and it can be used to assist in problem solving or adding files you wish our Data Team to upload on your behalf.

There are two areas to the application; the lower area allows you to upload the information and the upper area shows the files that have already been uploaded to ScholarPack previously (see screen shot below).


To upload  a file, click on Choose File. A pop up window will appear enabling you to select the file from your computer, followed by clicking on Open.


The filename is then visible next to Choose File, ready for you to click Add.


Once added, the file is available to view under Files Already Uploaded at the top of the screen. Any file you wish to delete from this area, just click in the Select box next to the file and Delete Selected.




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