Reporting showing Last Academic Year including leavers, showing too many Y6 leavers

This will be due to your school's previous Management Information System not rolling students up one year group during each Year End Process, so the data has migrated over this way.  Students then remain fixed in a particular year group.

ScholarPack includes all off-roll students in the process of rolling students up a year, placing students in their correct date of birth academic year group.

Please ask your Head Teacher to contact your Support Team requesting ScholarPack to place off-roll students in their correct date of birth academic year, our Technical Team can action this for you. -
  • If your school is supported by Scholarpack directly, click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right of the Help Centre
  • If your school uses a Support Partner, please contact them. Click their name in the top right of your Scholarpack above the search box, for their contact details.

When you run a report for last academic year, those Year 6 leavers from last year will come up as now being in Year 7, and those leaving the previous year as Year 8 etc. 

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