SENCO/SENDCO Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide will support the school's SENCO/SENDCO with using ScholarPack for the first time and guide through some main features that they will be using.

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1. Getting Started

You should receive a login slip with your unique link, username and password. Enter the link into your Internet browser (we recommend using Google Chrome if possible) to get started. 

As ScholarPack is a cloud based platform, you can access it wherever you have an Internet connection.  



Creating a Desktop Shortcut

We recommend you create a shortcut for your desktop to allow you to access ScholarPack easier. To do this (in Google Chrome); While ScholarPack is open in your browser, click on the 3 dots at the top right of the window, select 'More tools' and click 'Create shortcut'.  


Changing Your Password

Once you are signed into ScholarPack for the first time, the first thing you will need to do is change your password from the randomly generated one you have been provided. For security, we also advise you change your password every 90 days, never save your password to your browser/device auto-fill and also never share your password with other members of staff. 

To change your password: Select Home>My Password, enter your new password and click Save



Logging Out

Please remember to always log out once you have finished working to ensure all data is kept safe. To sign out go to Home>Logout



2. The Dashboard

Once signed into ScholarPack you will see the dashboard, this shows you an attendance summary, bulletin board and live feed (showing up to date notifications for pupil birthdays, absences, merits and house points) . 


The Navigation Bar - At the top of the page you will also see your navigation bar, the icons displayed here will differ depending on the role you have been assigned.


Home Icon - Use the 'Home' icon on your navigation bar to access your register (if you are a teacher), change your password, access support documentation, log out or change the colour of your navigation bar. 


Help Centre - In the top right of the page you will see the Help Centre link where you can access documentation and support resources, please use this first if you are having any issues with using ScholarPack or require some advice on how to perform an action. If you are unable to find what you need in the Help Centre, the Support link will provide you with the contact information for your support team.  


Note: 'Help Centre' was previously called 'Documentation', therefore, you may see it labelled this way on some of the training videos, etc.  



Note: If you receive support from ScholarPack, you will also have a Help icon on the bottom right of the screen where you can start a web chat with the ScholarPack support team. 


3. Pupil Profiles

The search function in the top right of your navigation bar gives you access to 'Pupil Profiles'. Names in your search box will appear alphabetically and you are able to search for a pupil by first or last name, year group, form, phone number or date of birth (the pupil's year/form will display next to their name in brackets). 




Note: There are several tabs at the top of a pupil's profile, however, these will differ depending on the role you have been assigned. 


Editing pupil information

You will see there are white cogs next to certain headers on the page, click on the white cogs to add/amend information. You will also see these cogs around other parts of the pupil profile. 


Main Tab - This first tab has all of the core information for the pupil, you will see there are white cogs next to certain headers on the page, click on the white cogs to add/amend information. You will also see these cogs around other parts of the pupil profile. 


Support Tab -  As the SENDCO/SENCO, this will be one of the main tabs you will use. This tab is where you can enter the details for the pupil's SEN support. Please note that SEN provision information must be completed for the census. There are a number of sections within the support tab, these are:

  • SEN - Here you can enter the pupil's SEN provisions including their SEN needs and review dates. More information on this can be found HERE
  • SEN History - Shows the history of SEN provisions for that pupil. More information on this can be found HERE
  • Learning Support Needs - A more detailed place to enter the pupil's support needs and who this will be provided by. 
  • Support Log - A log of actions taken in relation to SEN support (e.g. note when meetings have taken place, parent input, etc). More information on this can be found HERE.
  • Vulnerability Indicators - Here it will show if any vulnerability indicators have been flagged for this student. Vulnerability indicators are managed within Workspace>Vulnerability Indicator. 
  • IEPs - A section to add a pupil's Individual Education Plan (IEP) if required. More information on this can be found HERE.
  • Personal Profile - Here you can add the pupil's strengths, interests, areas of difficulty, strategies and notes. 
  • Disabilities and Paramedial Needs - Record a pupil's disabilities and paramedical needs to assist with their support. More information on this can be found HERE.
  • Interventions - Here it will show if a pupil is a member of an intervention group. Intervention groups are managed within Workspace>Interventions. 
  • Support Documents - Here is a document uploader for any support documentation that is required. 



4. Reports

All Support Reports can be found under Reporting > Reports > Support Tab.


There are a number of support reports that can be ran, information on these can be found HERE, however, below is an example of a few of the most used reports:

  • Learning Support Report - This Report lists all pupils with a Learning Support package in place, detailed on the student profile's Support tab.
  • SEN Report - This Report lists all students who have a SEN provision entered on their student profile's 'Support' tab.
  • SEN Groups Report - This Report creates graphical displays of information about the SEN pupils within the school.  It will show the Percentage and Numbers of SEN pupils in each year group, their attendance data and the number by year with one of the primary SEN descriptors.  It will also show their progress toward assessment targets and progress this academic year. 

5. SEND and Safeguarding Webinar Video


FAQs and Useful Links:

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