Ever 6 student report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Ever 6/Pupil Premium. All the students in this report are Ever 6 (either with a current Free School Meal period, or have had one in the past few years). 

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 16.06.11.png


Alternatively, you can go to Reporting > Custom Reports. 

Choose New Report and under General Columns on the right side, on the General tab, you will find Ever 6 on the second column. Tick this, then Run Report at the base of the page. 

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 12.48.05.png


When the report has been created, in the search box under the Ever 6 header, enter Y (or Yes) and press return.

This will produce a list of all students who are currently Ever 6.  The report can be downloaded and printed using the icons at the top right of the page.

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 16.07.31.png

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